America’s Got Talent Finalist – Michael Grasso

Michael Grasso was a really great interview. It’s really unfortunate that I don’t have the audio from the interview since he did a great job discussing things about Magic and performing magic on TV. I’ll do my best to summarize what he shared.

A reader asked me to ask him whether he’d be returning to Magic X (a group of Magicians) or going solo after his time on America’s Got Talent. Michael Grasso said he does not plan to go back to Magic X after the show, but plans to go solo and would love to incorporate some of the people from Magic X in his acts if he goes on tour and in his future acts.

Michael loves to do the slight of hand magic since it’s really the core of magic. When asked about being passed up in Las Vegas for an act like Chips Cooney he said it was really hard for him to not make it through in Las Vegas. Michael said he wanted to mix it up and show them something different in Vegas. He’d done the big Magic Trick in his audition and he wanted to show the more subtle side of his magic in Las Vegas, but he learned they want the big stuff.

Michael also mentioned that he’d done magic in big colloseum size venues in Asia and done the slight of hand tricks with no problems. The key was that these arenas have the big jumbotrons where the up close video of what he’s doing can be shown for everyone to see.

Michael said the hard part of America’s Got Talent for magicians is that you have to do a big “closing act” every single time you perform. Plus, you have 6 days to put it all together, build the set and at some pretty major expense (he said he had to pay for the sets).

I asked him about magic on TV and how it felt unauthentic to just use the camera switches to hide the way the trick is done. Michael said that some people are using that and other methods to do their magic, but he didn’t understand why since there wasn’t any need to do it that way. He said, magic on TV has to be done right and usually with one camera that continuously shows the shot and doesn’t cut away.

I also asked him about the girl that we always see with him and never have had a chance to learn about. He said her name and she was from the East Coast (sorry I don’t remember exactly where). He said that she was a theater arts performer. Michael said that he didn’t just want a girl that looked good up there, but always wanted his assistants to bring something special to the stage, to have a presence on stage. He gave her a lot of credit for being a part of the performance and also telling the story and selling the trick as well.

I could tell that Michael Grasso had a lot more stories to tell and experiences with Magic. It was unfortunate that I only had 10 minutes to get to know him.