America’s Got Talent 2010 Finalists

My take on the America’s Got Talent 2010 Finalists:

Anna and Patryk – These two are just delightful. Plus, their execution was perfect in their semi final performance. Not necessarily technically, but it was the perfect mix of a slow dance opening with a nice high energy ending. It’s going to be difficult for them to replicate that again. Plus, it’s just silly when the judges on America’s Got Talent say that the dancing was flawless. They have no idea if it was flawless or not. I’m sure I know more about ballroom dancing than they do and I wouldn’t be ready to call it flawless. Either way, these two are going to provide for a great show that will be full of energy and excitement. However, I think Howie is right that they aren’t quite a Vegas show on their own. Anna is the cutest little thing though. I lover her reactions to it all.

Christina & Ali – If you’ve ready much of this blog, you know their my sentimental favorites. I won’t rehash all my thoughts, but you can go read my 2 posts about Christina and Ali and the other AGT contestants comments on Christina and Ali. I expect they’ll deliver a similar performance as they’ve done before and have a chance (albeit a slim one) at making the top 4. Song choice will REALLY matter for them.

Fighting Gravity – I’m always a little torn when it comes to Fighting Gravity. Mostly because their talent is something they took from other acts (there’s a ton of this stuff on YouTube). Sure, it’s a great concept, but it seems like I could get a group of friends together and do their act. It would take some work and some practice to do it well, but the talent isn’t as impressive if I could do it with a little bit of effort. This said, it seems like America really loves what they do and so I bet they’ll be heading right into the top 4.

Jackie Evancho – Jackie seems like basically a lock for the top 4. She’s the Bianca Ryan of this season. A little girl with a big voice and people loved it. I was a little disappointed by her singing of one of my favorite songs last night. I preferred when she went for the ethereal sound of her first song. However, she is a sensation to be able to have her little body produce that sound. Plus, she’s just so cute and her comments make you laugh. A hard combination if you’re competing against her. Just don’t call her an opera singer. It’s not really even close to Opera.

Jeremy VanSchoonhoven – I watched Jeremy’s video back again last night and it was just as exciting and terrifying and dangerous as it was the first time. I do downgrade him a touch since I know there are a lot of bike riders that rock hop (I think that’s what they call it). However, despite there being others that do it, go grab a bike and just try to hold the bike up in a standstill the way he does. It’s crazy hard to do what he’s doing. I’ll be interested to see what he can do in the next round. Against the other top 10 acts, I think he’ll have trouble making the top 4.

Michael Grasso – Michael Grasso has kind of become a sentimental favorite of mine since he was kicked off the show in Las Vegas. I’ll set aside any thought that it was planned to bring him back from the start and just be grateful that they brought him back. He’s definitely the best all around magician they’ve ever had on America’s Got Talent. I’ve seen a trick or two on the show that were better than his tricks, but as a package his tricks have been really great. Although, I will admit that I hate magic on TV. Camera tricks aren’t magic in my book. Either way, he’s a Vegas talent in my book! If his trick just wows and shocks, he could make the top 4.

Michael Grimm – I’ve had a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to Michael Grimm ever since I saw these videos of Michael performing some pretty big venues in Las Vegas. Not that I have a problem with acts having had previous success, but I hate when they give (or try to give) the impression that they haven’t done anything. Sure, the producers cut things certain ways, but Michael’s been selling stories the whole time. I guess I’ve just never seen a WOW performance from him either. He’s talented and has a unique style, but I’ve never loved his performance so much that I had to go watch it over and over again. I guess I compare him to Eli Mattson or Cas Haley (go look them up on YouTube) and Michael pales in comparison to what those two did on America’s Got Talent. Michael does seem like a cool guy and so I give him props for that. Despite my personal bias, I think Michael Grimm has a great shot at making the top 4.

Prince Poppycock – I don’t know what to say about Prince Poppycock. I sat by him and his friend in the hall when he was sick in Las Vegas. You could tell he was worried about his throat and didn’t know what was going to happen. Plus, can you imagine sitting in that costume all day for a couple days in a row. He deserves a special medal just for that. No doubt he’s an exceptional performer and America seems to love it. He’s not quite the lock that Jackie Evancho is, but I bet he makes the top 4.

Studio One Young Beast Society – They’re a respectable dance troop. I still can’t help but think of all the other great dance troops on a show like America’s Best Dance Crew. These guys are on that level, but I think we’ve seen the best of what they have to offer. America’s got a lot of dance outlets, so I’ll be surprised if they vote Studio One Young Beast Society into the top 4.

Taylor Mathews – I get scared for Taylor each time. He’s just so nervous and that makes me nervous. If he could relax and just perform, he could do very well. Although, I guess his nervousness is part of his charm. Song choice will be VERY important for him. Something popular that fits his voice well will really be key. I think America’s Got Talent has an older voting population than most shows where the tweens do all the voting. If Taylor makes it to the top 4, then I’ll be wrong in this assumption.

There you go. That’s my analysis of the America’s Got Talent 2010 finalists and which ones will make it to the America’s Got Talent 2010 Top 4. What do you think?