Airpocalypse Comments on Christina and Ali

It seems like my post about Christina and Ali has brought out some people who disagree (which is totally fine). Although, I was pretty excited when X from Airpocalypse stopped by Pure America’s Got Talent and left the following comment about Christina and Ali:

Jason L. Cheung a.k.a Air Guitar X:
I feel I must comment here. I had the honor of competing (with? against?) Christina and Ali in Week 1 of the Top 48. I am a proud member of Airpocalypse, and I am compelled to confirm that Christina and Ali are two of the nicest people that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I’ve heard that Courage is Grace under Pressure, and I hope that should I ever have to confront the challenges that these two young ladies face on a daily basis, I hope I can have a fraction of the Courage that they have.

Am I bummed that I am not in the competition still? Hell yes. Am I bummed that they are in what could have been my place?

Nope. Not at all.

Yes, there are acts that I think we should have gone ahead of. However, this is not one of them. Best of luck to them. If you pray, (to whoever), pray for them. And if you don’t, you must recognize the fact that you are watching one of the most inspirational things that you may ever see.


First, it’s nice to hear from someone who has had first hand interaction with Christina and Ali. Second, this says a lot about Airpocalypse and the type of people they are.

UPDATE: Here are some comments submitted by Jamison (from Blue Sky Canopy)

Although our my act never made it to air-time, in Vegas I was in the ‘duos’ category with Christina and Ali, so after spending all that time with both sisters and their parents, I also feel the need to comment here.

For Christina and Ali, this isn’t about winning. They carry a message with them greater than anyone else on the show – and instead of telling it, they’re SHOWING it. Follow your dreams, no matter what.

Not to say they’re the only courageous people on America’s Got Talent – many others have come from hard backgrounds/lives, but after knowing them personally, I can tell you with complete honesty: They deserve everything good in this world.

Sympathy votes? No. I believe people over-think the title of the show too much. It’s not solely about who the most talented person/act is. It’s about who people like personally. Remember, they’re looking for a Vegas “show”, not “just singing.” Professional performers need to be personable with their audiences, like-able, relate-able, and inspiring. So, whether it’s their amazing talent, courage, inspiring story, beauty, humbleness, or grace, people will continue to vote for Christina and Ali because THEY DESERVE IT.

What they portray on the show is NOT some produced persona the show made up for them – what you see/hear is who they REALLY are. They are angels. I spoke most with Ali (she was closer to my age), and every time, I would feel a warming light radiating from her smile, eyes, and sincerity.

Christina and Ali, and Michael Grimm, are the most genuine acts I met during my experience with the show. They deserve it all, and I hope they get it. God bless them.


UPDATE 2: Here’s the comments from Iron Horse about Ali and Christina:

I’m 100% behind Jason on this one! We spent time talking with them and their parents in Vegas and Hollywood and the whole time they were always cheerful and full of good things to say about every act.

I think it takes talent to be able to sing like they do with the breathing problems that they have. My brother and I both have had pneumonia for the past couple weeks and I know first hand how hard it is to sing with fluid in your lungs… not saying I know what it feels like to have CF, but I know what it feels like to not be able to breath properly and try to sing at the same time. Christina and Ali are not only brave enough to devote their lives to something doctors have told them they’ll never be able to do properly, but they are extremely brave to do it in front of millions of Americans on live television.

They may not be the most talented singers in the world… Many may not even feel they deserve to be this far in the competition… it’s not my place to say. But give them credit for what they are doing.

Just my two cents…

Iron Horse