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Stacked America’s Got Talent Second Semi Final

Tyson recently commented about the second semi final show being stacked on our previous America’s Got Talent semi final rankings post:

The second semifinal is stacked. Your top five acts are all in the second semifinal. Eight of your top 12 compete in the second semifinal.

Here’s the list of acts in the second semi final:
* Alice Tan Ridley, Singer
* Debra Romer, Singer/Musician
* Fighting Gravity, Blacklight Performers
* Haspop, Popping Dancer
* Jackie Evancho, Singer
* Jeremy VanSchoonhoven, Extreme Cyclist
* Maestro Alexander Bui, Pianist
* Michael Grasso, Magician/Illusionist
* Michael Lipari & Ashleigh Dejon, Aerialists
* Murray, Magician/Illusionist
* Nathaniel Kenyon, Singer/Musician
* Studio One Young Beast Society, Dance Troupe

What do you guys think about those in the second semi final?

August 27, 2010 I Written By

Jessica Price and Her Band Trying to Open for Kiss

I’m sure many of you remember Jessica Price (one of my favorite acts ever on America’s Got Talent). Well, I guess she’s singing in a band (I think I posted some videos of her band before) and they have a chance to open for Kiss in Michigan. Here’s the email I got about the opportunity:

Hi. Remember Jessica Price? Well her band is in a competition to open for KISS in Detroit, Michigan. However, they need some more votes. The top five bands get an audition for the gig so if you could please go to and under Detroit Metro Area vote for Jessica Price band, they would really appreciate it. Voting ends Saturday!

Thank you very much,

Let’s support Jessica and vote for her band.

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