America’s Got Talent Semi Final Review

I was going to do a review of the acts from tonight’s semi final episode, but then I saw that Jason had already done so in the comments of another post. So, I’ll just share his comments for all to see and to comment on. Thanks Jason!

Tonight was interesting…started strong, got weak in the middle, then finished amazingly. My thoughts:

Anna & Patryk – It was a very good routine. Their movements are so precise, and it was a great song choice and theme. They should be in the finals.

Christina & Ali – It’s a great story, but I don’t think the singing is good enough. I like them when they sing alone, but not together. It’s probably over for them.

Antonio Restivo – A really nice trick, but I wasn’t really amazed during it. I still really like about him, and I think he could be in the finals.

Future Funk – The cuteness is wearing off, and they tried too much to make a story out of it. The older kid had a nice break dance, but the rest was only ok. They’re probably not going to advance.

Taylor Matthews – I don’t know what to make of him. He’s good, but not the best singer. He should lose the backup singers, his voice gets lost in them. Maybe he could make it to the finals.

Connor Doran – Another nice story, but the act didn’t take it up a notch. He definitely should have stuck to the quieter, more reflective music. I like him, but he’s probably done.

Dan Sperry – Are you serious with that trick? I had a flashback to season 2 with the magician Kevin James. I know that there’s some imagination to magic, but we generally know it’s fake and don’t need an obvious way to see that. At least throw up some fake blood or something to make it more believable. I cannot see him advancing at all.

Kristina Young – What was she thinking? If she had livened the song up and went to a pop version after stepping down from the piano, she might have had a shot. However, she didn’t, and completely blew it.

ArcAttack – I was skeptical that they could make the act better, but they did. I still see them as a long shot to win with some of the other acts still active, but they could be in the finals.

Michael Grimm – I don’t think he’s the best singer, but there’s still something I like about him. He’s probably in the finals.

AscenDance – The same as Connor, they should have stayed with the slower, peaceful music. It was nice, but I don’t think it was enough.

Prince Poppycock – Do I need to say anything? I guess I should. I couldn’t stop laughing during this act. Perfect song choice, perfect concept, it was a perfect act. It is going to be tough to top that in the finals. He’s the only slam dunk to make it through of the night.

I think Prince Poppycock, Anna & Patryk, ArcAttack, and Michael Grimm advance by America’s vote. Antonio Restivo and Taylor Matthews finish 5 and 6, and the judges take Antonio to the finals.

John’s Thoughts: I still love Christina and Ali. I can vote for story if I like:-) I think Taylor Matthews also has more of a chance than people are giving him. I also think that Michael Grimm is a sure thing to get through along with Poppycock. Does anyone else want to hear from the other female climber on Acendance? She’s incredibly attractive. Just saying.