America’s Got Talent 5: The Results

So according to the unscientific poll here at you chose the following for the four acts to move on:

Fighting Gravity: Performance Act
Nathaniel Kenyon: Guitar/Singer
Cristina and Ali: Sister Singing Duo
Future Funk: Hip Hop Duo

How did you guys do?

First though, tonight’s musical guests:

Selena Gomez: Round and Round Round

Rock of Ages: I Wanna Rock I
Twisted Sister: I Wanna Rock I
Rock of Ages: Don’t Stop Believin’ Don't

America’s Choices
Group 1:
– Sally Cohn
– Airpocalypse
– Nathaniel Kenyon

Group 2:
– Nick Pike
– KungFu Heroes
– Fighting Gravity

Group 3:
– Hot Shot Tap Dancers
– Maricar
– Cristina and Ali

Judges Choice
Group 4:
– Paul Safy Jr
– Future Funk

Moving on to the next round:
– Nathaniel Kenyon
– Fighting Gravity
– Cristina and Ali
– Future Funk

Not bad… four out of four this week. Congratulations! See you next week!