Let’s Stop the “Will This Act Work in Vegas?” Line

I think it’s lame that the judges mention that they need to carry on a show in Las Vegas. I think this is by design, but they need to stop it and find a new line. First of all, why should they hold the act to this standard. It’s not like they are really getting a headline show in Las Vegas if they win. I live in Las Vegas and I never saw Kevin Skinner’s name on any billboards or any headlines.

Plus, if this is the standard, then half of the top 48 wouldn’t be there. The might be extremely talented, but they don’t stand a chance of having a show in Las Vegas. Plus, the show wants to have a nice variety of talent. This stands in opposition to the idea of finding the best Las Vegas act. So, you can’t have it both ways.

I like in Britain’s Got Talent where they get to perform for the Queen. Works out much better I think. It’s a great story and provides for the variety of acts that the show wants. Especially since it’s the Queen’s Royal Variety show.

America’s Got Talent needs to find a new line. It’s just never fit very well.