Less America’s Got Talent Act Pimping

Melissa pointed out in the comments how this season of America’s Got Talent has done a MUCH better job of not “pimping” various acts over other acts. Sure, they give some acts more exposure than others, but last year it was sad how much they promoted certain acts like: Voices of Glory and Kevin Skinner. It was so unfair!

This year, they’ve done a pretty great job not doing this as much. Probably the person who comes closest to it is Alice (Precious’ Mother) getting a little extra promotion. However, that kind of makes sense that the show would want to piggyback the popularity of Precious.

While there’s been a lot of complaining about the top 48 acts that they’ve chosen for AGT Hollywood, I want to also give props to the show for decreasing the pimping that was so ugly and distasteful last year.