AGT YouTube Auditions

We had 4 different fans of this site that made it to the 40 acts that were part of the America’s Got Talent Youtube Auditions. I’m really hoping that one of these acts wins the YouTube auditions and makes it on the show. I feel bad that I didn’t post about them earlier, but I was traveling and never got around to it.

According to the official AGT Youtube site, we won’t find out who wins until August 10th. They’re calling that episode the Special America’s Got Talent YouTube edition show. Sounds interesting. You can still see the 40 audition videos on the site now.

Here’s the four readers of this site that are in the top 40:

Ilze LuneauThe Basketball Family – She’s the one dribbling 5 basketballs. I’ve written about ilze before on this site. A pretty amazing talent.

Jackie – She is the one singing Panis Angelicus with a pony tail.

The Kid in BlackYT video – Valor just turned 5.

Mr. Lucky – His video is of me with my monkey puppet performing “lion sleeps tonight”. It’s not the best video in the world as they used demos and not edited versions.

Best of Luck to these 4 acts and I really hope one of you makes it to the show!