Some Very Unhappy America’s Got Talent Viewers

Every season there’s always a number of viewers of America’s Got Talent that are angry that their favorite contestant was sent home in Las Vegas. This is normal. When you become a fan of someone and then you don’t get to see them anymore it’s a sad thing. However, this season it seems that America’s Got Talent may have gone too far. The comments I’m getting are streaming in with people that are more than just sad fans, but with viewers that are extremely upset over the choices.

Here’s a sample of the comments people have sent me (plus check out the ones I posted previously):

From Britton…
I have no contact or relations with anyone involved in this show. I am offended about the people tha. Went through to LA and the people that were left out! 2 come to mind that went through: the wailing banshee on the piano and the hand whistler???? Come on Vegas acts?!?! You sent the indoor kite flying kid home before theses “acts”? I will never watch this show again! You have ruined this show and it no longer will be on my tv. Good job guys! I liked this show too! Farewell!

From Hunter…
This season is the worst by far! The judges pick groups based on “talent” when the reality is, there is none! When they send a group of no good air band players and the woman with the red hair who cannot sing or play the piano there is something wrong! They send through the people who have NO talent and send home the ones that DO! You have lost a viewer America’s Got Talent. Its disappointing that such a great show has such terrible judges.

From Emy…
We are very disappointed with the selections this year & may give up on watching. You are passing up real talent for…..I don’t know what. Old ladies that are NOT entertaining. The last straw was the magicians. The ones you sent home should have stayed. The ones going to HW are…..not entertaining. Then tonight you broke our hearts by sending the homeless veterans home. OH…I the little guy with the huge voice but you kept the guy in all the robes. I think someone besides the judges is making the decisions believing they will help the ratings. They are wrong…you are losing us. Losing us even though there is nothing else to watch. Guess we’ll go for a walk. Tell the guys in charge to leave the judges alone. and quit putting the acts in categories’. If there’s 12 great dance acts then fine. That’s better than watching 3 great acts & 5 ridiculous ones. I know you’ve done that every year, but it seems to be worse this year. Believe it or not, I’m a very positive person…..but you’re giving me a headache.

Plenty more where this came from I’m sure. Just so it’s clear. I’m just a fan of the show like you. I’m as disappointed as most of you. It’s utterly shameful that they put “the wailing banshee on the piano” through to LA. I’m blaming Howie. Maybe we do want the Hoff back (j/k).

This said, I’m not boycotting the show, because there are still some incredible acts that are on the show. I’ll be watching those acts and no doubt America will have its revenge when we vote her off. If we don’t, then I’ll have lost all faith in America. Thankfully I’m not too concerned with this. Plus, we can all band together and turn off our TV sets when “the wailing banshee on the piano” hits the stage. I’d say hit mute, but…well you get the point.

Let’s hope the producers are listening. Can America vote someone out of Hollywood before she even performs?