America’s Got Talent 5: Las Vegas Eliminations

So here it is! The first day of Las Vegas week.

In prior seasons of America’s Got Talent, there were acts that were eliminated right away. What that did however (in my humble opinion) was put the judges into a corner where of the remaining acts there might not be those that shined while in Vegas when they did in the individual cities while those that were eliminated early didn’t get a chance to show any kind of growth.

So what the show changed up is the following. There are three groups of acts and only 48 spots open. The groups are:
Group A: These are acts that the judges believed have the best chance of making it through to Hollywood… so they were guaranteed a chance to audition for the judges again in Vegas. AKA the Judges favorites

Group B: These acts were not as good as Group A, so once Group A has gone through, if there are still spots remaining, these acts would get their chance to audition… If and only If.

Group C: Everyone loved these acts so much that they were going to go straight to Hollywood without ever having to audition.

Since Group C consisted of ten acts, of the 48 spots there are only 38 remaining…

So below are the the acts that have a free pass to Hollywood aka Group C (the links included are previous posts where you could find information about them):

Chicago Auditions:
Belly Dancing Duo
Polina Volchek
Strikers All Stars

Los Angeles Auditions:
– Cheer San Francisco
– Haspop
– Future Funk

Dallas Auditions:
Arc Attack
Da Maniacs

New York Auditions:
Fighting Gravity
South Philly Vikings

So there you have it… the ten acts with a free pass to Hollywood. What are your opinions? What do you think? Stay tuned for tomorrow where I will list the acts from Group B that were chosen to go to Hollywood after they impressed the judges in Las Vegas.