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America’s Got Talent 5: Chicago Auditions Music


Intro: Lmfao – La La La La

Zach Carty
Intro: A Taste of Honey – Boogie Oogie Oogie Boogie
Close: Rachmaninov – Flight of the Bumblebee The

Strikers All Stars
Intro and Close: McFadden & Whitehead – Ain’t No Stopping Us Now Ain't
Audition: M.I.M.S. – Move if U Wanna Move

Gentlemen of N.U.C.O Audition: Kelly Clarkson – Since U Been Gone Since

NU Covenant Audition: The Isley Brothers – Shout Shout

Naishon Jones Audition:

Intro: James Brown – Bessie Bessie
Audition: David Bowie – Let’s Dance Let's

No to Vegas: MC Hammer – U Can’t Touch This U

Tom Zemke Audition: Beach Boys – Little Deuce Scoop Little

Laura Ernst Audition: Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling I

Carlos Aponte
Intro: Los del Rio – Macarena Macarena
Audition: Andrea Bocelli – Il Mare Calmo Della Sera Il
Close: Frank Sinatra – My Kind of Town My

Polina Volchek
Audition and Close: Sugababes – Girls [Karaoke Version] Girls

John Beatty
Intro and Close: Rocky Theme Rocky
Audition: Village People – Macho Man Macho
Piers’ Attempt: Tchaikovsky – Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy The

Debra Romer
Intro and Close: Coldplay – Fix You Fix
Audition: Sarah McLachlan – Angel Angel

June 29, 2010 I Written By

America’s Got Talent 5: Chicago Auditions

Yay Chicago Auditions! It’s ABOUT TIME!

So even though lately I’ve been doing just the acts that made it to Vegas… I figured a little commentary would be nice for you guys to see the changes in editing that has happened.

I will provide commentary on those acts that I have already seen… as well as a link to the original post that would then lead to other links that you may be interested in for that act. If this is a new act that I have yet to see I will provide links here and no commentary.

Zach Carty – No to Vegas
PureAGT Post
OMG they are starting with THIS guy. He was the very last guy I saw on the second night of tapings as notated by the link, though I never provided a name. He never got a chance to really try out his “talent” not like I would have liked to have seen it.

Strikers All Stars – Yes to Vegas
PureAGT Post
There is already a post of these guys on the site. =) Click on the link to find out more. They did a little ditty about one of the guys being Haitian, I suppose since they already had a huge Haitian group audition having him talk would be overkill? Seeing them perform via television is definitely different than seeing it live… I prefer live. They cut out a lot of the commentary though, Piers didn’t like the mix of tumbling and dancing, they made it sound like he enjoyed it more than he did when I was there.

Gentlemen of N.U.C.O. – Yes to Vegas
PureAGT Post
This was a group that I enjoyed listening to, though the judges weren’t so quick to send them through… ah well.

NU Covenant – Yes to Vegas
Facebook Page

Naishon Jones – Yes to Vegas
MySpace Page

The Spellbinder – No to Vegas
PureAGT Post
Ah yes, the Spellbinder, this was another guy I got to see… They cut down his routine very short… because Howie’s “spell bound” comment was in reference to the fact that the Spellbinder quickly changed the handkerchief into one dove and then created a second dove from that… which was oddly cut from clip.

Tom Zemke – No to Vegas
PureAGT Post
NOOOOOO, it’s engineers like him that give engineers like me a bad name 🙁

Laura Ernst – No to Vegas
Facebook Page
MySpace Page
YouTube Channel

Buddy Howie Cheesehead – No to Vegas

Carlos Aponte – Yes to Vegas
PureAGT Post
Carlos! I loved this guy… I gave him a standing ovation… =) Look at the link, he’s the first one in the list. They didn’t do the “Howie translation” that was funny.

Polina Volchek – Yes to Vegas
PureAGT Post
She is the second in the post linked. This was pretty impressive. But if you watch rhythmic gymnastics like I do then you’ve seen them all.

John Beatty – Yes to Vegas

Debra Romer – Yes to Vegas
PureAGT Post
Facebook Page
MySpace Page
She’s the second one of the link posted. To me she has a bit of an angelic voice that I really liked… and still liked with the broadcast.

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America’s Got Talent YouTube Auditions

The America’s Got Talent YouTube auditions are now open for voting. You can find them here. I’ve also been notified by 2 people that read this site that that are part of the voting. Later tonight or tomorrow I’ll be posting about them so you can support them. If there are any other readers of this site that made it to the YouTube voting, let me know. We need someone from this site to win the competition!!

I Written By