America’s Got Talent 5: Dallas Auditions

NOTE: I’ll update this page as soon as more information comes in

Second audition episode of the week! Wahoo! 😀 This time in Dallas, Texas… home of the Cowboys, AT&T, Texas Instruments, and of course… their cheerleaders.

Just like for the Los Angeles auditions there is going to be a list of all the acts that made it through Vegas with basic website links so you would have more information about them. Then later when time allows there will be individual posts created for each act that moves on to Hollywood!

As always if anyone out there have any info to the following acts please either leave a comment or contact us.

Read more for spoilers!

From the DALLAS Auditions:

Arc Attack: Tesla Coil Performance
MySpace Page
Facebook Page

Muttley Crew: Dog Performance
Facebook Page

Le Freak: Band
MySpace Page
Facebook Page

Chip Townsend & Team Chip: Martial Artist Group
Facebook Page: Chip Townsend
Facebook Page: Team Chip
MySpace Page: Chip Townsend
MySpace Page: Team Chip
Twitter: Chip Townsend
Twitter: Team Chip
LinkedIn: Chip Townsend
YouTube Channel

Erin Go Braughless: Burlesque Dancer
MySpace Page
MySpace Blog

Taylor Matthews: Singer/Guitarist

Ms Donna: Fire Performance

UPDATED June 15!
CJ Dippa: Rapper/Dancer
MySpace Page
YouTube Channel???