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America’s Got Talent Season 5 Premiere

America’s Got Talent is finally back. Woot! Is it just me or did they start early this season? The show certainly focused heavily on the new judge, Howie Mandel, but I think it’s pretty easy to see that Howie Mandel is so much better than the Hoff. Also, be sure to listen to my interview with Howie Mandel. Also, Marianya did a nice job listing all of the good acts from tonight’s America’s Got Talent Season 5 premiere including links to the acts online.

Now on to the videos of the best performances from tonight’s America’s Got Talent 2010 premiere: Read more..

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America’s Got Talent 5: Los Angeles Auditions

Hello all! To make things quick, I’m going to do a quick list of all the acts that made it through to Vegas with websites to find out more about them. Then over the course of the week I will (hopefully) give each act their own post with more info, thoughts, etc.

If anyone out there have any info to the following acts please either leave a comment or contact us.

Also a quick note… my computer didn’t record the first 40 mins of the episode… so any help with the first few acts that made it to Vegas would be great… Granted I could wait til the episode shows up online. 🙂

Since there are probably some people that haven’t seen the show… Click on “Read More” for spoilers!

Read more..

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Fan Questions with Howie Mandel, Piers Morgan and Nick Cannon

The premiere of America’s Got Talent 2010 is tonight and so to wet your apetite for the premiere, check out these videos of Howie Mandel, Piers Morgan, and Nick Cannon answering fan questions. Some interesting insights for the show and just gets me excited for the show tonight.

Fan Questions with Howie Mandel

Fan Questions with Piers Morgan

Fan Questions with Nick Cannon

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