America’s Got Talent 2010: Forty Fingers and a Missing Tooth

What do you think of when you hear the name Forty Fingers and a Missing Tooth? If you are like me, nothing would make any sense… that is until they came out with a big stack of bowling pins then it dawns on you, “Oh! It’s a juggling act!” But then why the name?

As they would tell you, “Between the four of us there are forty fingers, and well he’s missing a tooth. Thus the name.”

Oh, dang, was so hoping that the story would be more interesting than that. Ah well, wishful thinking.

Anyway, the self-described comedic juggling act has been performing locally for a while and wanted to expand their audience base… (Note: The video below is missing ten fingers and a tooth)

After stripping off their pants, revealing brightly colored shorts and lots of hairy body parts, they juggled through their act. Their campy act was much appreciated by the audience and Howie, but Piers and Sharon thought them to be juvenile in areas.

But with the audience behind them would that be enough to send them to Vegas?

To find out more about them please visit their website, Facebook page or find other videos at their YouTube Channel.

Don’t forget that America’s Got Talent Season 5 starts on June 1st!