America’s Got Talent 2010 Chicago Acts (Part 3)

So now that most of Tuesday evening’s acts are posted… it’s onward to Wednesday evening and the seventeen acts that graced the stage and eventually America’s television sets. Unfortunately I’m only going to mention sixteen of them, because one of them I realized I have no recollection of, I must have blocked it from memory.

As always the following list are acts that are “nameless”, mainly those where information online is either confusing or scarce. So if anyone out there happens to have more information about the acts in these posts, please do not hesitate to contact us or leave a comment in the post.

Again, as a quick reminder, that these posts only cover acts that graced the Chicago Theatre stage on the evening tapings of Tuesday and Wednesday.

Wednesday Evening’s Taping (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

1. Opera Singer

Unassuming, foreign and shy… those would probably be the first words anyone would think of when this young man walked on stage. When he speaks it’s with a heavy accent and stumbling over the words in the English language (I should know, I do the same thing).

But when he started to sing, it’s like angels came down from the high heavens to speak to us mere mortals.

As Howie put it, “it’s a blessing to be able to sit here and witness something like that.”

In fact, I recall the audience giving him a standing ovation… not just the audience, but the judges as well.

One problem… when Howie tried to speak to him, he couldn’t understand. It wasn’t until Howie repeated his words with a Hispanic accent that he began to comprehend. This happened once again when Piers spoke and he again could not understand what Piers was saying… as thus Howie repeated the words with a Hispanic accent.

For someone that seemed to be a shoo-in, would his lack of comprehension of the English language be a deterrent?

2. Guitar / Singer

Quiet, innocent and young are the words that one would describe this young lady. A waitress in her home town, she writes her own music and plays on the guitar.

After her rendition of a Sarah McLachlan’s Angel Sarah McLachlan - Closer - The Best of Sarah McLachlan (Deluxe Version) - Angel all three judges agrees that her voice was sweet, but disagreed as to how that could be perceived.

Sharon believes that she was overly tentative, but sees a lot of talent. Sharon also nicknamed her Tinkerbell for the remainder of the audition evening. Howie on the other hand believes that she wasn’t tentative, but rather apprehensive and that she needed more time to polish her voice and strengthen it. Piers believed that what Howie saw as apprehension he saw as innocence and did not want for her to change it.

With three judges putting out three different voices and views, which one would win out in the end?

3. Opera Singer

With one opera singer virtually guaranteed a trip to Las Vegas, can another one be just as good? This outgoing, upbeat Asian came out and conversed with the judges way before any of the judges had a chance to say “hi” first, let alone put a word in edgewise… His grasp of the English language just as poor, it felt like dejavu from earlier in the evening.

When he started to sing… let’s just say I believe that America’s Got Talent has found their version of American Idol’s William Hung. And in case you have forgotten about William Hung… here is his infamous rendition of She Bangs originally done by Ricky Martin Ricky Martin - Sound Loaded - She Bangs.

Although Howie didn’t like the singing he saw the comedy value in the act and explains that as long as he embraces the comedy aspect of his singing, then he could go far with his act. So the singer said, “Funny? Ok I’ll be funny.” Which forces Howie to explain that he needn’t change anything because what he has right now is funny. Though Sharon didn’t see anything funny about it.

Piers hated the singing, but as he sat trying to decide what to do the singer stood and begged him to reconsider as act not as an opera singer but as a comedy novelty act. The singer even went backstage and begged Nick to help him convince Piers to let him through to Vegas. But what would Piers choose?