America’s Got Talent 2010: Gentlemen of NUCO

Band Number Two of the evening: Gentlemen of NUCO. The members of the band are comprised of:
– Henry Wang on Violin
– Hugh Palmer on Violin
– Yoshi Nakano on Viola
– Charles Asch on Cello
– Josh Fink on Bass
– Corey Bertelsen on Percussion
– Patrick Slevin on Percussion
An eclectic group of gentlemen that mesh pop culture music with classical sounds. What started out as part of the Northwestern University Chamber Orchestra… this group of young gentlemen created their own group to play the mainstream music that they enjoy with the music that they are very talented in.

Coming onstage with their own rendition of Kelly Clarkson’s Since You’ve Been Gone Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway - Since U Been Gone (instrumental, since there are no vocalists in the group) the mix of classical and mainstream works seamlessly together.

Although to this blogger their personality seems to stem through their music, the judges believe that their stage presence leave much to be desired going so far as to tease them for jumping in sync on beat during the song… but is their talent going to be enough for the judges to pass them on to Vegas?

Go and visit the Gentlemen of NUCO on their website via their bass-man, Josh Fink. To show your support, join The Gentlemen of NUCO on either their Facebook or MySpace pages. To listen to some of their music simply head on over to their YouTube channel to see what else they have covered.

And finally you can listen to samples of their album: Radiohead’s OK Computer, now available via and iTunes The Gentlemen of Nuco - Radiohead's Ok Computer.