Last Chance to be on America’s Got Talent – YouTube Auditions

Well, I’m not exactly sure if this is what the special America’s Got Talent announcement is or not, but today we found a special page for the America’s Got Talent 2010 auditions on YouTube (Thanks Marianya). Looks like you have until June 23rd to submit your audition. Voting will begin on June 28, 2010 and all of it will be done exclusively on YouTube.

As usual, the auditions are open to any age and any talent. 12 acts will be chosen to perform live on a special America’s Got Talent YouTube performance show on NBC. 11 acts will be picked by the judges and 1 will be selected by your votes.

Once they start the voting process, we’ll give readers of Pure America’s Got Talent a chance to highlight their submission to the America’s Got Talent YouTube audition. Yes, that should provide you all a bunch of extra votes from readers of this site.

Here’s Nick Cannon describing the America’s Got Talent YouTube audition process: