Casey Cattie Auditions on America’s Got Talent 2010

Over the past couple years, we’ve had a lot of really interesting acts audition for America’s Got Talent. It’s always nice when those acts check in with us again and show us the progress they’ve seen with their talent. Not to mention to hear about their most recent audition on America’s Got Talent.

One of my favorite people we spotlighted before was a little girl named Casey Cattie. Well, she’s still pretty little, but I think she’s improved quite a bit since we last saw her. Check out Casey Cattie’s most recent video:

Word is that Casey did a really great job at the auditions and I think she has a reasonable chance of being on America’s Got Talent 2010. I really hope she does. It’s fun to see people who participate on the site make it on the show. You might remember that we first saw G-Force on this site before making it on America’s Got Talent. Always fun!