America’s Got Talent Audition City Updates

Thanks to reader Mr. Lucky, here’s a list of the updates posted on the official AGT website:

The Chicago Audition states the following:
“We have started calling some acts with good news, but are still evaluating others. All decisions will be made by mid-April.”

The New York page says this:
“Some acts have already been called with good news, but auditions are still being evalulated. All decisions will be made by mid-April.”

Philidelphia says:
“We have begun making some “good new” calls, but many acts are still being evalulated. All decisions will be made by Mid-April.”

Los Angeles:
“Auditions are still being evalulated, but some good news calls have already gone out. However all decisions could take as late as mid-April 2010”

Also, the AGT producers stopped by the site and left the following answers to people’s AGT questions:

brigitte asked if you auditioned once this season, can you audition again this year? Yes — you can audition as much as you want whenever and where every you want. You can even send in a video if you auditioned in a city.

To answer multiple questions about the “call backs.”
As it says on, will will make all decisions on who makes it to the next round by mid-April 2010.  We only call and email acts that are moving on to the next round…sorry we cannot call everybody.

Some calls have already gone out. The reason why we say mid-April is just because, for example even if you auditioned in NYC, if NYC is fully booked, the produers may bring you to another city to see the judges. Please see our FAQ for answers to other questions.