America’s Got Talent 2010 Dallas Auditions

This weekend is the AGT 2010 Dallas Auditions. The Dallas auditions are happening at the Dallas Convention Center. The good news is that if you have missed it, you can still show up tomorrow. More importantly, we want you to share your story. Let everyone know what it was like to attend the America’s Got Talent 2010 Dallas auditions. Here’s one person’s experience which has already been submitted:

Did anyone try out for Dallas today? Our group got there at 4:45am and got #4 spot. yahoo we where out by 11am. We took videos, pictures and a our group got pulled a side before the auditions several times to do interviews. when we did the opening shout outs saying”welcome to Dallas or Dallas has talent” with Nick Cannon our group was asked to get in the front. We didn’t get called into another room and there wasn’t pictures being taken when we where done. One group went into a room at a time. We did have a camera in with us and they asked us a lot of questions. We are keeping hope that we do get that call back. AGT is going to be here on Sunday too so they could call us to come back tomorrow. If not we are still on TV opening pan out next to Nick Cannon who puts on his pants like the rest of us.

As always, AGT will be posting when all the callbacks for Dallas are done on the official AGT Dallas page. I know that many of my readers were at the AGT 2010 Dallas auditions, so share your experiences in the comments.