Questions for AGT Producers

For those of you who don’t know, this is just an America’s Got Talent fan site. We don’t represent America’s Got Talent, NBC, Fremantle Media or anyone with the show. We’re just passionate fans talking about Summer’s #1 show. That said, a number of AGT producers have found this site and even answered some questions in the comments before. They’ve said I could reach out to them if people have any questions.

On that note, this is going to be a thread open for questions. Please ONLY post your questions for the producers. I’ll take and compile the questions and see if we can get some answers from the AGT producers. I can’t promise they’ll respond, but I think they will. Also, I’ll filter out any questions that are likely too specific to a person like “Did I make it to the celebrity auditions?”

One of our readers posted these questions in a previous thread, so here’s some questions to get this thing started:
1. What if you make it past the producer audition, where do you (you in general) go and date would be the next audition? (the judge audition)
2. If you make it past the judges, when do you go to Vegas?
3. If you make it past Vegas, when and where do you go? What dates?
4. Are tutors provided for kids under 18 and at who’s cost?
5. Because I am a student, for planning purposes, I would need to know what dates are all the auditions and shows at each stage.

Let’s hear what questions you have for the AGT producers.