Past AGT Contestant Holly Hardin on American Idol

It’s always interesting to see what happens with past contestants from America’s Got Talent. So, you can imagine my surprise when America’s Got Talent Alumnus Holly Hardin appeared on American Idol 2010. However, she not only was on the show, but was dressed as a guitar. Seriously. This isn’t a joke. I haven’t found a good quality video of her time on American Idol, but here’s a small portion of Holly Hardin dressed as a guitar on American Idol 2010:

In case, those of you don’t remember Holly Hardin from America’s Got Talent 2008, check out this video of Holly:

She was so much cuter on America’s Got Talent. However, her answers make her look like such a ditz. Which I guess is probably not too far from what she is. I think American Idol tried to make her look as bad as possible so that in future episodes she’ll look better. Either way, she’ll be super entertaining on American Idol. Simon is going to destroy her.