Ilze Luneau Basketball Family Auditions for America’s Got Talent

I got word about a really cool group that went to the America’s Got Talent auditions. Her name is Ilze Luneau and her Basketball Family. Ilze does some really neat stuff with basketballs. Check out this video to see what I mean:

Yes, she’s dribbling 6 basketballs at the same time. That’s pretty amazing. However, I think the spinning stuff is just as if not even more amazing. Go grab a basketball and try to spin it and you’ll see how much talent it takes. I think most people have tried and you know that it’s not easy to spin it for such a long time. However, she’s doing 3 basketballs. I will say that her outfit is an incredible mistake. It’s just wrong for such a pretty girl to wear whatever she’s wearing.

Here’s another video of Ilze Luneau:

It’s talent like this that makes America’s Got Talent really really interesting. I’m very happy to see that Ilze auditioned and I can’t wait to see her on America’s Got Talent.