America’s Got Talent Final Quarterfinal Performance Projections

Tonight is the final performance of the America’s Got Talent quarterfinals. Take a look at the acts that are left in the America’s Got Talent top 40 and my take on each of them:

Recycled Percussion – This has the potential to be a great act. Considering what they’ve done to produce the other acts, I think this could be a surprise hit. Kind of reminds me of that Stomp act in Las Vegas. At least that’s what it seems like. Although, we’ve only seen a little bit of it so far.

Erik & Rickie – These kids are so cute. However, kids haven’t faired all that well on this season of AGT. Although, I won’t be surprised if they get sent through just cause they’re so darn cute. Of course, my problem is still that there are at least a dozen couples like these 2 at any ballroom dance competition.

Ishaara – I’m sad they call this Bollywood. It’s entertaining, but really isn’t Bollywood. I don’t think they’ll have enough wow and pop to make it past this round. Still will be fun to watch tonight.

Barbara Padilla – This is the producers lock tonight. She’s going to perform last. I think we can almost guarantee that. I don’t like her that much, but others do. Not that I really have anything against her, but I just don’t think she’s all that good. She already has her ticket punched for the next round.

Chris Allison – We haven’t seen enough of this guy to say much. Although, this type of act is usually either a big wow or a big dud. I predict dud with one wow moment.

Pam Martin and Viva – I didn’t like her before and I still don’t. Her biggest problem is that they already let one dog act in. They can’t put 2 through can they?

African High Flyers – I liked these guys better than the flippers. A decent chance to get in and expect at least 2 WOW moments in the act.

Anthony Morigerato & Matt Lucas – I’m not sure how these guys take their act to the next level. Will be fun to watch. If the singer takes center stage it will be a colossal mistake. If the tapper takes the spotlight get them ready for the next round.

EriAm Sisters – I’ll admit these have been my favorite since I first saw them. They’re the only act I’ve really gone back to watch a number of times. So, I’m completely biased. I’m not sure what they’ll bring tonight, but if it’s anything like there first performance punch their ticket to the next round.

Mia Boostrom – I think I get Mia and Bri confused. So, now I don’t remember who was who. I know Mia was on a previous season. Her Georgia On My Mind was nice this year. We’ll see what she brings this time before I make judgment.

The Lollipop Girls – They shouldn’t have brought this group back. Simon just likes himself a burlesque act, but I predict they won’t be good at all.

Drew Stevyns – No way we can judge him since we didn’t really see him before. Or least I don’t remember anything. So, I’m guessing he’ll go the way of all the America’s Got Talent Wild Card acts.

Feel free to follow along with me as I comment on tonight’s show on my Pure AGT Twitter account. I will be watching on the west coast time though.