America’s Got Talent Third Quarterfinals Result Show

This was without a doubt the absolute best quarterfinals performance of America’s Got Talent history. What kind of pisses me off is that I think that the producers did this on purpose to add to the drama. It’s just unfortunate, since a dog act went through last week and so many incredibly talented groups below got sent home. Ok, I’m glad I got that off my chest.

Now on to an analysis of the pairings and who was sent home.

Jeffrey Ou won over Bri
This was the heartbreak of the night. No one wanted Jeffrey Ou to go home since he had technical difficulties that made it seem unfair. However, Bri did a nice performance too. I think Bri has a good future. Piers was right about her being kind of like a Katy Perry or Amy Whinehouse(sp?). Bri just needs the right opportunity. Too bad it wasn’t America’s Got Talent. That said, I’m happy to see Jeffrey Ou perform again.

Lawrence Beamen won over Jay Mattioli and Dave Johnson
This was the least amount of surprise for the night. Dave Johnson choked. Jay was a bit amateurish. I still say Lawrence Beamen is overrated.

Mario and Jenny won over Marcus and the Serenades
I was happy about this one. Marcus kind of disappointed me. The Serenades were still horrible and I think it was the wrong song to show off Marcus’ talents. I don’t know why I like Jenny so much. Maybe it’s just how hard she tries to perform that I love. I like passion and heart and she has it. I’m not sure where Mario and Jenny go from here though. Should be fun to see. They definitely have vegas in them though.

Hairo Torres won over GForce and U4ria
I was really fine with Hairo Torres and GForce going through. I was sad that one couldn’t go through. I would have preferred GForce, but I’ll enjoy seeing Hairo again too. U4ria was good, but as I predicted too weird for America.

FootworKINGz got picked over Pixie Mystere
I was a little disappointed in the judges pick here. They based it on Pixie’s future. Come on. Base it on talent. Pixie had more talent and had a greater potential as a Las Vegas show. I’d love to see FootworKINGz for a nice 30 minute stop, but not more. It got far too repetitive for me and basically boring after a little while.