Susan Boyle and the America’s Got Talent Las Vegas Show

Tickets are now on sale for the Las Vegas America’s Got Talent show. My only question is whether the winner of America’s Got Talent will get to perform all 60 shows or maybe just a few of them. In fact, last year, the Las Vegas show was a bunch of members of the America’s Got Talent top 5 and the winner was just the “headline” act. I’m sure something like this will happen again for the other people on America’s Got Talent.

I can’t help but wonder if they might even expand the cast of performers to include some of Britain’s Got Talent like Susan Boyle. She certainly would sell a lot more tickets. In fact, I’m guessing that she’d be a bigger headline no matter who wins America’s Got Talent 2009.

It will be interesting to watch. I know I’m getting my America’s Got Talent Las Vegas show tickets.