America’s Got Talent Week 1 Quarterfinal Results

I’ll admit that this week I was a little preoccupied with the finale of So You Think You Can Dance. So, because of that I wasn’t able to watch the results from the first week of AGT quarterfinals until tonight. Sure, I’d actually seen the results online and I’d even posted the videos for Terry Fator and Mariah Carey, but tonight I was actually able to catch the whole episode and experience the drama of how they sent people home.

First off, I should say that I really enjoyed Terry Fator. His jokes were good and the singing was awesome. The judges reactions to his jokes were a little off, but the guy is a great talent. Mariah Carey did a stand up performance. No real complaints there. Although, I have to admit that Nick Cannon’s oogling over Mariah was even better. That was a lot of fun.

Now, on to the America’s Got Talent results videos (with my thoughts below the videos, so don’t read them if you don’t want to be spoiled):

This seemed like a pretty no brainer to me. After all that discussion about whether they made the basket or not, it kind of seemed to give it away. Mosaic was a pretty good a capella group. Sad to see them go.

I finally watched the video of the trick again and figured it out pretty easily. However, it was well performed and I was surprised when the girls were in the welding suits. When it was finally down to Manuela and Drew Thomas Magic it was an easy choice. I will miss all those little dancers.

Seriously, you had to know that Kevin Skinner had this baby locked up. It wasn’t even close. No suspense here.

When Grandma Lee cried, I was really torn up. I couldn’t have been happier. She’ll be fun to see again.

This was the most heart wrenching part of the show. I think the Hoff made a bad decision. You can’t vote on diversity. You have to vote on Talent. Thia Megia has the voice to be a real star. Other than America’s Got Talent where is Arcadian Broad going to go from here? He’s fun to watch, but I was really sad to see Thia Megia get sent home. Oh well, I don’t dislike Arcadian, but I just liked Thia Megia better I guess.

Not a bad results show. Went pretty fast actually for me, which isn’t often the case on America’s Got Talent. I’m looking forward to seeing the future shows.