Major Losses on America’s Got Talent – Tallan, Cari and The Spiritual Harmonizers

Yesterday I think that the America’s Got Talent world was rocked. My email box and America’s Got Talent twitter account have been slammed with people complaining about those sent home on yesterday’s episode of America’s Got Talent. So, I decided to pay a bit of homage to the three acts which keep coming up over and over.

Tallan Noble Latz
This was the biggest shock for me. He was the 9 year old electric guitarist who rocked the stage and was a pretty big fan favorite. What he was the most was memorable. I couldn’t believe it when he was sent home at the airport. Sadly, I think he was a memorable face and a casualty of America’s Got Talent wanting a bit of a shock factor. Jay Mattioli (magician) was a close second and Ciana Pelekai (little Hawaiian girl that sang) a close third. However, no one has been more revered (at least by fans of this site) than Tallan getting sent home.

Many are asking if anything can be done for Tallan to get back on the show. I think the simple answer is it’s far too late and there’s nothing we can do. Although, I got a short message on Twitter about Tallan performing somewhere else. If I get more details I’ll post them for Tallan fans.

Kari Callin
Kari was really America’s Got Talent trying to pull an American Susan Boyle. Instead, I think Kevin Skinner is going to fill that role. So, Kari had to go. However, many loved her, her story and her voice. I was never personally a big fan. She just wasn’t as good in her performance as above mentioned Susan Boyle. I personally think it would have been an injustice for Kari to go on with all the other great singing talent on the show. However, many people seem to disagree with me. Not really sure why.

The Spiritual Harmonizers
You might remember these post office singers. I loved these people’s stories and the front man was pretty good. However, when I think about the other group singing acts, I’m ok with them not going on. Maybe I’m also biased since I’ve seen some really incredible a capella groups. However, it was a bit of a shock for me that they didn’t make it since they’re story was such a good one.

In other quick hits…
Tony Ferrante couldn’t have left quicker for me. Glad he’s gone.

I was a little shocked the Texas Tenors made it to the top 40. Just seem average to me.

I can’t wait to see what else David Johnson brings. Although, I think it will be impossible for him to do better than his audition song about David Hasselhoff.

I’m still a big fan of G Force even if I’m biased since they first appeared on this site before they made it on the show.

Pete Peterkin is probably my only complaint in the America’s Got Talent top 40. He’s ok, but not great. I think he only made the AGT top 40 because there weren’t any other impressionists and the show needed just a little more variety.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the America’s Got Talent top 40 to start showing their stuff.