America’s Got Talent Episode 8 Thoughts

Time for a few more thoughts on the second episode of America’s Got Talent this week.

Kari Callin reminded me of America’s Got Talent trying to find Susan Boyle. Frumpy. Check. Never had a boyfriend. Check. Great singing voice. Not a check for me. Ok, so it wasn’t horrible, but some of it felt like screaming and some of it really felt stretched. Susan Boyle knocked hers out of the park and had very few flaws. I do like Kari’s cruise ship story. See what I mean about Kari Callin:

I don’t know why, but I really like Mia Boostrom. Maybe it was just that she kind of made doubting Piers eat a little crow. Maybe it was that I love people that really pursue their dreams and do great. She needs some help with her look, but I’m excited to see more of Mia.

Matt Lucas and Anthony Morigerato really shocked me. The guitar player isn’t all that good. He’s an average player and singer. However, the tap was such a nice mix with his playing that it was like a sweet percussion background. Plus, the tapper (Anthony) just killed it for me. Plus, the fact that they didn’t have a name was absolutely hilarious. This was probably my favorite performance of the night. Check it out:

Destined 2 Be was pretty disappointing for me. They’ve had some really good dance acts. In fact, one just won Britain’s Got Talent, and so I think the bar has been set much higher than this group. It was entertaining, but I’ve seen so much better than what they offered. I did like a little bit of Krumping in the middle. Be your own judge:

Simon Chaban had a few interesting fire tricks, but won’t last in Las Vegas with what we saw.

Keith Johnson chose the same audition song as Eli Mattson, and so all I could think is that it paled in comparison to Eli’s version of the song. We’ll see if he has something better.

Pixie Mystere was a great name that matched the troupe. We’ll see if they have more to offer.

Rashida Jolley had an incredible voice. I loved her voice. The harp didn’t quite match the voice, but I like the innovation. She’s got some talent. Just not sure if it’s the right mix to wow America.

Louis Bar & Laura Cantu were Tango dancers. I don’t see any couples dancing making it on the show. Especially not Tango.

The Kalinins remind me of this act that I’ve seen at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas a number of times. I think they perform in the V theatre also. So, for me it was kind of old hat, but many in America will like it.

I need to see more of the whip act by Christopher and Laura Camp. Too had to understand what’s happening and it happens so quick.

Pink Gorilla costume was hilarious. I wanted more of The Shanghai Pearl.

I thought the judges messed up with Reality. Sure, what they were doing was old, but it was still talent. I don’t think they deserved what they got from the judges. I would have liked to see what else they could have done. Maybe they’ll come back next year.