Thoughts on Thia Megia, Carol Lugo, Jay Mattioli and Kevin Skinner on AGT

Time for some quick thoughts about the good acts on tonight’s America’s Got Talent: Carol Lugo, Thia Megia, Kevin Skinner and Jay Mattioli. Plus, the America’s Got Talent video of each performance in case you might have missed it.

Thia Megia (14 year old singer)

I really liked this girl. She was the highlight of the night for me. Wow, I really hate to say that a singer is my favorite, but it was good. My wife and I both just looked at each other when she opened her mouth. Also, I don’t know how to say this the right way, but I’ve never seen such a big black woman’s voice come out of a little asian girl. Nick Cannon’s comment was dead on “Where’d she get that voice from?” Actually, Thia Megia reminds me a little bit of Charice Pempengco who was on Oprah and is David Foster’s new project (look her up on YouTube). They have different qualities to their voice, but as far as little girls with big voices it’s a nice match.

Carol Lugo (62 year old dancer)

I really don’t know how to comment on Carol Lugo. She is something else. The way she snapped her head at the beginning I thought for sure that it was going to snap off. Carol Lugo has a ton of energy. She actually reminded me a bit of the old man that did some break dancing on Britain’s Got Talent. The only question I have for Carol is if she’s like this at 62, what was she like at 20?

Jay Mattioli (Magician)

I had a little problem with Jay Mattioli, there was a little extra piece of stage when he was doing his trick. However, it was still a nice twist on magic that I hadn’t seen before. Piers was right about the second trick being not as good since you know it has to be mirrors or something like that. He was entertaining to watch. Assuming he has some good tricks he might be the first magician to really make it far on the show. Most magicians wow us up front and then get kicked off later with some sort of lame trick.

Kevin Skinner (Chicken Catcher Singer)

The chicken catcher was a little too scripted. He asked if he had a job and Kevin responded that he was a chicken catcher. Anyway, it was good exposure for chicken catchers everywhere. I don’t think Kevin was all that good. He wasn’t horrible either, but when you’re singing a Garth Brooks song you better bring it. Certainly he deserves to go to Vegas and I look forward to seeing him perform again, but I think they love the chicken catcher story as much as they like Kevin.