G-Force Videos Before America’s Got Talent

I first was introduced to G-Force back in February. Turns out they were good enough to make it at least to Las Vegas on America’s Got Talent 2009. It’s always fun to check out a group before they were on America’s Got Talent. Plus, they showed so little of G-force on America’s Got Talent, that it’s nice to see some full length videos of Emily (11-vocals/guitar), Hannah (9-bass), Olivia (7-drums). Olivia is definitely my favorite.

G-Force live!! The girls first music video recorded January 13th 2008 at The Savannah Bar and Grille in Westlake, Ohio

Girlfriend Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend - Single - Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne Performed by G-Force

Now I just hope that The Understudies make it on America’s Got Talent so that we can have a battle of the kid bands.