Alizma Triplets from America’s Got Talent

A lot of people who watch America’s Got Talent enjoy watching the stories where people come from nothing and somehow make it on the America’s Got Talent stage. I love those stories also, but I’m also totally fine if professional people want to audition as well. Just as long as the show doesn’t portray them as an underdog story when they’re not.

Turns out that Alizma (Erica, Jaclyn and Nicole Okapiec) has done a lot of things before going on America’s Got Talent. They’ve even toured on The Ron Paul Mystery tour (whatever that is?). Here’s some other videos of Alizma (there are a lot more I’ll have to post later).

Alizma triplets in what I think you could call a music video of sorts.

Alizma being interviewed on SOAP talk

Erica, Jaclyn and Nicole (Alizma) did a photo shoot for Black Diamond Boots

Alizma was on the Steve Harvey show:

Man, so many different videos that could be posted of these girls. It should be interesting if Alizma has a fan following already that will vote for them.