Susan Boyle Admitted to Mental Health Clinic

Today I was really sad to read a blog that said that Susan Boyle had been admitted to a mental health clinic. I can only imagine the exhaustion that Susan must be experiencing. Talk about a shock to go from a relatively anonymous person to global stardom like she did. I don’t think she had any idea what she was getting into. I think that Piers Morgan describes Susan Boyle’s challenge quite well.

I’ve had my own criticism of Susan Boyle, but I think I’ve taken a fair approach to analyzing her performance just like I would have done with any other performer on the show. What is disappointing to me is all the truly hateful people out there that just want to smear someone. I’m all for sharing opinions about talent. That’s part of the fun of watching these shows. I even want to share strong opinions. That’s why I think people visit this site. I try to provide something of value and interesting. However, I don’t ever try to make things personal and I never want to demean a person in the process. That’s just unfortunate and wrong.

My heart goes out to Susan. I hope that she can quickly learn to deal with the crazy people out there that have nothing better to do with their life than to try and hurt other people. The same blog I mentioned earlier says that she has signed a music contract and will record her first album in Prague. I look forward to its release and will do all I can to help promote it for Susan as well. Granted, I don’t think she’ll need much help promoting it.