Stavros Flatley Semi Final Performance on Britain’s Got Talent Series 3

I must admit that I’m in complete shock that Stavros Flatley somehow won tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent. No doubt, it’s so far the worst night of the BGT semi finals, but Simon was right about this act. It’s utter rubbish, but entertaining. That said, I thought that tonight’s performance Stavros Flatley wasn’t nearly as good as their audition. Let me explain.

The real star of this act is the son. He is incredible to watch and having his father there is a great story. Tonight, just kind of fell flat for me. I’d hoped for a little more energy. Possibly some slapping of the skin. I’m not sure exactly what, but I expected a little more out of the 2 of them. However, next time if they highlight the son a bit more, they’re going to get a lot of votes since they really are somehow entertaining.

Check out the video of Stavros Flatley in their semi final performance on Britain’s Got Talent series 3.

Welcome to the BGT Series 3 final Stavros Flatley! It should be a lot of fun to watch what you bring to the finals of Britain’s Got Talent.