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Stavros Flatley Semi Final Performance on Britain’s Got Talent Series 3

I must admit that I’m in complete shock that Stavros Flatley somehow won tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent. No doubt, it’s so far the worst night of the BGT semi finals, but Simon was right about this act. It’s utter rubbish, but entertaining. That said, I thought that tonight’s performance Stavros Flatley wasn’t nearly as good as their audition. Let me explain.

The real star of this act is the son. He is incredible to watch and having his father there is a great story. Tonight, just kind of fell flat for me. I’d hoped for a little more energy. Possibly some slapping of the skin. I’m not sure exactly what, but I expected a little more out of the 2 of them. However, next time if they highlight the son a bit more, they’re going to get a lot of votes since they really are somehow entertaining.

Check out the video of Stavros Flatley in their semi final performance on Britain’s Got Talent series 3.

Welcome to the BGT Series 3 final Stavros Flatley! It should be a lot of fun to watch what you bring to the finals of Britain’s Got Talent.

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Shaheen Jafargholi Semi Final Performance on Britain’s Got Talent

Shaheen Jafargholi was definitely the highlight of tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent. Simon was completely right about tonight’s episode of Britain’s Got Talent being just weird (or did he say odd, well you get the point). It was certainly a variety show tonight and not a very good one at that. However, Shaheen was quite entertaining.

What was so shocking to me was how well spoken Shaheen was during the interview and critique. For a 12 year old, he was amazingly thoughtful in his responses to the questions. My wife noticed the same thing.

I personally think it wasn’t the best song choice, but he still did it well enough to make it to the finals so I guess it didn’t matter. I also think it’s worth mentioning that his future will be interesting once his voice starts to change. One thing is certain is that he has the ear that’s needed to be able to sing well. That’s something that will be beneficial even once his voice changes.

Check out Shaheen Jafargholi doing his BGT semi final performance to “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” Jennifer Hudson - Dreamgirls (Music from the Motion Picture) - And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going from the musical ‘Dreamgirls’ by Jennifer Hudson

Welcome to the BGT 2009 finals Shaheen Jafargholi! You certainly deserved it.

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America’s Got Talent Season 5 Auditions (AGT 2010)

A notice was posted to the official AGT audition website about the America’s Got Talent Season 5 auditions being over. I meant to post this when I first saw it, but I’ve been a little bit busy lately. However, I felt it only right to post it since I’d posted so much information about America’s Got Talent auditions.

The cool part is that the official America’s Got Talent audition website also has this posted:

Auditions for Season 4 of America’s Got Talent are now over. All the acts have been notified.

The show will premiere on JUNE 23 9/8C ON NBC.

Online pre-registration for season 5 (which will air in 2010) will start June 15, 2009. Check back for details.

I’m certain this will be bad news for those who auditioned for America’s Got Talent season 4 and never heard back from the show. However, it’s great news for those interested in participating in the America’s Got Talent season 5 auditions. Yes, that’s America’s Got Talent 2010. Seems like it’s a long ways away, but it will go faster than we think.

Anyway, best of luck to those that will be on America’s Got Talent season 4 on June 23, 2009 and even more luck to those who brave the crowds to audition for America’s Got Talent 2010.

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America’s Got Talent Season 4 Premiere Preview

I’m sure if you’ve been reading this blog, we’ve been excited about America’s Got Talent 2009 for quite a while. Luckily, the wait is almost over and we’ve at least had Britain’s Got Talent to entertain us in the mean time.

Well, we’re now down to less than a month until the premiere of AGT 4. America’s Got Talent season 4 will premiere on JUNE 23 9/8C ON NBC. Having followed so many of people who auditioned and seen the process from the start, I’m very excited to see America’s Got Talent 4. Check out this AGT 4 preview video to see what I mean:

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