Susan Boyle (err…BGT Winner) to Appear on America’s Got Talent

Yes, I’m making the assumption that Susan Boyle is going to win Britain’s Got Talent. That aside, I found this little quote of Simon Cowell really interesting:

Music mogul Simon Cowell has revealed that singing sensation Susan Boyle would get a spot on America’s Got Talent provided she wins at the Britain’s Got Talent show.

“I would say to anybody who won the British show[Britain’s Got Talent] that we guarantee them a spot on the American show. I think that’s a great incentive. So if it is Susan, yes,” the Sun quoted him as saying.

Of course, Simon Cowell produces both Britain’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent, so he could easily make this happen. What isn’t very clear to me is how the Britain’s Got Talent winner would participate in America’s Got Talent. It doesn’t seem fair or likely to be as a contestant on America’s Got Talent (like the article linked above seems to assume). Instead, I could easily see the winner of Britain’s Got Talent appearing as a special guest on one of the later America’s Got Talent shows. Similar to how Terry Fator came back and did a number.

Either way, I think America would love to see the winner of America’s Got Talent do a number at the finale of America’s Got Talent. Talent is talent regardless of where it comes from.