Experience at Washington DC AGT Auditions

I got another person who contacted me about their experience at the DC auditions.  They preferred to remain anonymous, but the experience is insightful.  Amazingly this person was only at the audition for 30 minutes.  Sounds like the AGT audition team is figuring out how to work people through better and better.  Enjoy one person’s experience at the AGT DC Auditions:

Hi! I had my audition today.

I got lost a bit in DC so I ended up at the check in tables at about 2:10. My appointment was for 2:30. I was immediately taken upstairs to audition for Shweka. I was a Q act. I don’t know what that means.

When I got upstairs where the audition rooms were I was told I was auditioning in about 5 minutes. I hardly had time to compose myself. I actually wanted a while to wait so I would feel more ready, but nevertheless almost before I knew it I was in the audition room.

Shweka was the guy in the middle I guess. He sounded British. Are they all British? lol, but he was nice. I just started at the beginning of my arrangment and he let me finish! ! the whole song which takes about 3.5 minutes, so that’s a good sign right? He said “great” in his british accent when I finished and the guy to his left was smiling as I was playing but I wonder if they do that for everybody.

I was also miced while I played and it suprised me when I heard myself singing through the speakers because I’ve never been miced like that before. I was suprised that from the time I walked in the doors to the convention center to when I left was about 30 minutes. It was over before I knew it.

I think I saw Casey there sitting across the hall but I didn’t have time to say hi because it was suddenly time to go into the audition room.

I’m confused by the audition process. I didn’t see throngs of people waiting and only saw one camera filming a guy with his string puppet. I wasn’t asked to do any other silly shots like Mina was so hopefully that wasn’t a bad sign, and I wasn’t asked to audition again.

H! ! aha, and this stupid ticket reader thing for the parking garage kept my ticket when I paid so I couldn’t get out of the parking garage and the lady on the speaker wasn’t helpful because she kept telling me to look at my ticket and I was telling her I didn’t have my ticket because the machine kept the ticket but she finally let me out. She probably thought I was trying to get out of paying my whopping 2 dollar ticket. I left at 10:40am and I was in traffic for a while in DC on the way back so I got back at around 7pm so it really wasn’t that long of a day.

God bless!