Donations for America’s Got Talent Families

For a while I’ve been thinking how sad it was that Neal Boyd’s mom couldn’t be in LA to see him win America’s Got Talent. I believe that Nuttin’ But Stringz family couldn’t be there either (I could be wrong on this one). It really makes me sad when people as talented as these 2 aren’t able to share it with their families.

Well, I got the idea that I should leverage the viewers of this site for good when I read that the city of Sikeston, Mo put up his Mother’s plane ticket so that she could see Neal perform.

So, I’m starting the Pure America’s Got Talent fund. Assuming enough people donate, I’ll be using the money raised to pay for a family member of someone on next season’s show to fly out to see them perform live.

Here’s a button to donate:

I’ll be working on putting this in the sidebar of the site and to put up a meter so we can see how many people have donated to the cause. Also, in return for your donation, I’ll be working on a donation page where I can recognize all those who graciously donated.