Donald Braswell Review – America’s Got Talent Top 5

One thing is for certain about Donald Braswell, there are a TON of American’s that love him. This blog has seen the incredibly passionate fans that love Donald Braswell. He deserved to be back on the show and probably never should have been sent off. I chalk it up to the producers not wanting as many pure singing acts in the top 40. That left Donald Braswell the odd man out.

Of course, I won’t diminish my feelings for Donald Braswell even if he did kick out the most amazing act on this season of America’s Got Talent: the Russian Bar Trio. I’ll be really sad if I never get the chance to see the Russian Bar Trio perform again. The finale of America’s Got Talent or possibly in the next season of America’s Got Talent, but I digress.

You’d be an idiot to argue that Donald Braswell doesn’t have a good voice. He wouldn’t have gone to Juilliard with a bad voice. In fact, he has a very good voice. Personally I just don’t have any solid connection with him. He’s a gentleman, but he never connected to me. I’m also solidly annoyed by the way he tilts his head back as if he’s staring into the sky at something that we’re missing. If I close my eyes, I enjoy Donald’s performances quite well. I guess it’s just his stage presence which doesn’t say winner or Las Vegas to me.

I think I really should like Donald Braswell the way he turned around that audience in the first performance. That was something else to watch and I was impressed by that. However, somewhere along the way I didn’t enjoy him nearly as much. Sometimes being a great guy with a great voice doesn’t always translate to a great entertainer. Personally, I use entertainer for my America’s Got Talent judging criteria and that’s why I don’t think Donald Braswell will win it all.

Now I’m going to go and prepare for all the hate mail I’ll get from the Donald Braswell fan club.