America’s Got Talent Jessica Price Mourning

I was just noticing that it’s been almost a week since I posted to this blog. I think this often happens for me near the end of America’s Got Talent. Not exactly sure why that happens, but it does. This year I think it was probably because I was in mourning/denial that America could have screwed things up so bad that they’d kick off my Jessica Price. Yes, she is mine.

Ok, she’s not really mine at all. I don’t know her aside from what I’ve seen on TV, read on Jessica Price’s myspace page and other online sources. I guess it’s like picking a horse in the Kentucky derby. You kind of grow fond of them and want them to win and so you feel like you somehow have some connection with them. The best I can boast is that I’m on the first page of google for a search for Jessica Price.

You can imagine my jealousy of John Gonzalez who did a full video interview of Jessica and even hosted a America’s Got Talent live chat during the show today. I wanted to stop by the chat, but 1. my kids came first (as so they should) and 2. since America’s Got Talent doesn’t start here in Vegas until a couple hours after Michigan, I didn’t want to hear any spoilers about the show.

It’s ok, I’m not really mad at John. He’s been very good to me and my blog. Now let’s just see if he can hook me up with an interview with Jessica. What do you think John?

Well, I’ll end my mourning by posting John Gonzalez’s interview of Jessica Price and then 2 Jessica Price “music videos”

Video of Jessica Price performing her song “You Are With Me” at home in Freeport, Mich.

Video of Jessica Price performing her song “Lost in a Dream” at her home in Freeport, Mich.

One day when Jessica is famous, you can say that you heard her first on Pure America’s Got Talent.

P.S. Jessica, if you read this and somehow end up performing as a surprise guest at the America’s Got Talent Las Vegas Show my wife and I would love to take you for dinner.