America’s Got Talent Top 10 Performance Show

It looks like it’s going to take about a day before I’ll be able to post the videos from America’s Got Talent top 10 performance show. However, there’s no need for me to delay in posting my thoughts about the performances.
Best Performances of the Night
Jessica Price – I admit I’m a little biased towards Jessica, but who can argue about that performance. Beauty, grace a wonderful set and just raw talent singing on stage.
Queen Emily – Just like Gladys Knight graced the Las Vegas strip for so many years, I could see Queen Emily doing the same.
The Wright Kids – There’s a wonderful innocence about these 3 that just makes me watch and smile. Tonight was no different. I also love how at the end they totally highlighted the little one spinning the bass.

Disappointing Performances of the Night
Nuttin’ But Stringz – I normally love these guys, but when you’re competing for 1 million dollars you have to stick to your best stuff. Still better than the other performances listed below, but not up to their previous performances.
Eli Mattson – His piano work was good and singing still excellent, but it seemed like a really poor song choice. Of all the famous Elton John pieces he chose that one? I expected something a little bit more from him.
Donald Braswell – This guy always chooses good songs and I think that’s why he’s gotten this far. I’m sad to say, but the Hoff was right in the video montage. Donald doesn’t connect with the audience. I’d buy a CD, but I wouldn’t want to see him perform in a show in Las Vegas.
Neal Boyd – Another poor song choice. Sounded too high for him and didn’t showcase his vocal talent very well.

Unremarkable Performances of the Night
Joseph Hall – The crowd was more entertaining than him. Watching the crowd go wild made me laugh, but that’s about it. Unfortunately, I’m from Las Vegas and there’s too many Elvis in Las Vegas already.
Kaitlyn Maher – She finally had some movement. She sang as she walked out on stage. Piers said it all.
Paul Salos – I think I was a little distracted by Paul’s song choice since it was the same song that Indigo (sp?) had slaughtered in their audition.

Of course, these are just my observations of this performance. Not necessarily for the entire show and not necessarily who I think will be going home tomorrow. I’ll save that for another post tomorrow.

UPDATE: Someone who claims to be a friend of the family commented on another post that “Kaitlyn was very sick this week with a very bad cold and had lost her voice right up until just before the show. She was still excited about singing for everyone and did a great job even with the larygitis.”

I’m not sure that it changes my opinion of her, but she did do very well since I didn’t really notice any major difference than usual.