NBC Renews America’s Got Talent for Another Season

NBC announced that they’d be ruining America’s Got Talent for another season. You can see Simon Cowell just licking his chops can’t you? Here’s an excerpt from the announcement as reported by Hollywood Reporter:

NBC has renewed “America’s Got Talent” for a fourth season.

“The production team has stepped up their game creatively as proven by the strong ratings,” said NBC’s president of alternative programming Craig Plestis. “This is the only show where truly unique and talented performers can achieve their ultimate dream.”

“Got Talent” is the most-watched show of the summer and ranked third among programs in the adults 18 to 49 demographic.

I for one am very glad that the show got renewed. I wasn’t really worried about it to be honest with you. I knew that the ratings were doing great. Despite allowing a number of untalented people into the top 40, it’s still very entertaining to watch.