The Almost Forgotten Eli Mattson on America’s Got Talent

Eli Mattson was really quick out of the gates of America’s Got Talent earning high praise from the judges and a lot of coverage by the show. However, Eli Mattson, from what I remember, has gotten very little time on America’s Got Talent during the Las Vegas auditions. More time has been spent on the likes of Opera singer Neal Boyd and Queen Emily. Few people would argue that those two are more talented than Eli Mattson, but I guess you could say they have more compelling stories. Plus, I’m pretty sure they emit much more emotion than the calm, cool and collected Eli Mattson.

All of that said, Eli Mattson did travel over 2000 miles riding by bus to be on America’s Got Talent. He stepped onto the stage wearing a hat and cool confidence, Eli won over audience members singing “Walking in Memphis” while playing the keyboard. Here’s a video of Eli Mattson’s performance of Walking in Memphis:

My only suggestion for Eli is to remember that in a reality TV show like America’s Got Talent, America votes for personality as much as talent. Eli, don’t be afraid to show America your personality if you want to win.