My Favorite Stars from Past America’s Got Talent

Cas Haley – A unique style that mixes so many

Terry Fator – I love how the Hoff complained about it being a ventriloquist.

Of course, he then blew people out of the water with an impersonation of Kermit’s “What a Wonderful World”

The Best Contortionist ever on America’s Got Talent. Plus, I give her bigger props for hitting the bulls eye at the end of her performance.

Bianca Ryan – I’m still always amazed that that sound comes out of such a little girl. It’s really something else. Props to her for getting to perform in “V” the Ulimate Variety show.

Julienne Irwin – I’ve loved this girl since she first performed. I’m not sure what it is about her. A nice mix of raw talent with humility. I think I first grew most fond of her when they asked where she usually sang and she said her bedroom.

Taylor Ware – The only time I’ve really enjoyed Yoddeling was hearing Taylor do it. Plus, I love that she learned it by going to the library.

Butterscotch – It’s amazing that those different sounds come out of her. The first time I heard her, I thought she had a background band.

And her original performance just blows me away.