America’s Got Talent Blast from the Past: Kevin Skinner

Kevin Skinner was the winner of AGT Season 4. I have to admit, I really didn’t watch much of this season. However, when I saw that the winner was a country singer, I was excited to investigate more.

So I started out with the song that won him the title of AGT Season 4’s winner. Sadly, I wasn’t super impressed. What did you think?

However, I decided to listen to the audition that got him into the competition. Much better. I really enjoyed this performance. As I already mentioned, I’m a huge country music fan, and he definitely did this song justice.

Skinner reminds me of a mixture of Garth Brooks and a more¬†subdued version of Travis Tritt. His voice is easy to listen to, and has a nice gritty tone to it. However, I had my doubts about how successful he has been since AGT. I listened to some of the songs he released on his first CD back in 2010, and none of them seemed familiar. It was also hard to find information on what exactly he’s been up too. I did, however, find this audio interview, done on February 3rd, 2012. ¬†Skinner released another album called Long Ride, which apparently is climbing the charts (somehow I missed it, I guess). The interview was pretty interesting, and Skinner seems like a real down to earth kind of guy. When Grant Scarsdale, the guy interviewing asked him if being on AGT changed him, he said:

Not really, I still live in the same place I lived, and still drive the same old pick-up truck. I know some of the people out in LA, some of the judges there on the panel. Some of the advice they gave me was just always be yourself, keep on doing what you’re doing, don’t change, you know. I guess the people kind of realized I was so country and my roots were so deep, they were going to have a hard time changing me anyways.

Something I’ve noticed with some of the winners of AGT is that fame really doesn’t seem to go to their heads. I like that.

This interview also gave some insight into Skinner’s plans for this coming year:

Just a lot of the same, a lot of hard work goes into this business. Gotta stay out there playing shows here and all over . . . Done a lot of concerts, just doing a whole lot of the same. Going around getting to meet my fans and playing music for them — that’s why they voted for me!

So while we might not see him starring in a movie or winning CMA’s Entertainer of the Year award (yet), he seems content with his success thus far.