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America’s Got Talent Season 12 Quarter-Finals Show 1: Act Lineup

We’re just days away from the start of the Season 12 live shows, and I have to admit I’m pretty relieved we’re past the messy and questionable Judge Cuts portion of the season. After last night’s “Road to the Finals” episode, the AGT twitter page released a preview of next week’s performers.

There’s been a bit of confusion as to who is actually on next week’s roster. Eleven acts have been confirmed by pretty much every source, and they are:

Angelica Hale (child singer who received Chris Hardwick’s Golden Buzzer)
Artyon & Paige (child dance duo who Simone red-buzzed during the audition round)
Billy & Emily England (roller-skating siblings who previously competed on Britain’s Got Talent)
Christian Guardino (teen singer who received Howie’s Golden Buzzer)
Darci Lynne Farmer (child ventriloquist who received Mel’s Golden Buzzer)
In the Stairwell (military a capella group)
Just Jerk (South Korean hip-hop dance crew)
Preacher Lawson (the only stand-up comedian to make it past Judge Cuts this season)
Puddles Pity Party (singing sad clown)
The Singing Trump (singing/dancing Donald Trump impersonator)
Yoli Mayor (singer)

There has also been some speculation that Kechi is also part of this episode’s lineup, as she appeared for a split second in one of the previews, but I think that was simply an editing error since there seems to be no evidence pointing to her being on. Seeing as we have singing acts taking up 18 of 36 spots in the live shows (which makes exactly half of the remaining acts singers unless we have a Wildcard singer, which I’m highly doubting) and there are already seven (over 1/3) of them confirmed for Tuesday’s show, I’m assuming they’re going to spread them out somewhat evenly over the three Quarter-Finals episodes which would mean no Kechi next week.

Speaking of spreading things out evenly, note that we have three out of nine Golden Buzzers up this week, and I assume that’s how it will be in each group this round. We also have three Wildcards that as of this posting have yet to be announced, and I’m guessing they might be spread out evenly as well, which would make one per Quarter-Finals episode. Last year they actually had an episode with one, another with two, and then one with zero, so I guess they’re not guaranteed to have them spread out evenly, but the empty spot for Tuesday’s show probably means we’re getting one this week. And the Wildcard hype this season is so strong I have a feeling they might give us one each week to keep the speculation and buzz going. Now, none of the remaining magic acts are performing next week, so I’m expecting a magician Wildcard to take up that last spot (I have to assume there will be at least one magic act as a Wildcard). Not sure who it will be, especially since after the results this week there are even more acts to add to the “potential Wildcard” list, but I still think Tom London has a good chance, as well as Henry Richardson, Jeki Yoo, and maybe even Will Tsai.

The Quarter-Finals are generally when we say goodbye to most of the “fodder” acts, so it’s usually pretty straightforward and easy to tell who will advance and who will be eliminated. Darci and Angelica are locks to sail through this round (they’re actually the current top two favorites to win the whole thing over on Goldderby) and Singing Trump and Artyon & Paige are very likely to be sent packing, with In the Stairwell most likely joining them. Preacher, Just Jerk, and Puddles will probably end up advancing, whether it be from Tuesday night votes, the Dunkin’ Save, or the Judges’ Choice.

Which means the last acts moving forward are probably going to be two of Christian, Yoli, Billy & Emily, and whatever magician ends up on this episode. On paper Christian may seem like a lock, with his inspiring backstory and Golden Buzzer under his belt, but a lot of people have already seemed to forget about him. It’s tough to call where he’ll end up on Wednesday but think he’ll probably be a Dunkin’ Save candidate unless they put him on at the end up the show and/or really play up the “almost going blind” thing in his package. I doubt either Billy & Emily or Yoli will be in the top five and if they’re in the Dunkin’ Save zone I think they might be on thin ice. I have a feeling unless the Wildcard magician bombs they’ll end up in DS territory at worst, since there is quite the crowd for magicians on this show and everyone loves a good redemption arc.

So I guess my preliminary predictions for next week’s “winners” are:

Angelica Hale
Christian Guardino
Darci Lynne Farmer
Just Jerk
Preacher Lawson
Puddles Pity Party

Let me know you’re thoughts and I’ll be back soon when I will FINALLY give my rundown on the current pre-live show format!

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I'm obssessed with the entertainment industry, especially offbeat and nerdy things as well as those that involve live performance. The only thing I love more than geeking out over the things that entertain me is sharing in my excitement with others who share the same passions. America may have talent, but Canada has an up-and-coming blogger who is ready to take the internet by storm!

Pure AGT Season 12 Auditions Episode 1: Live Bog

Hey all! I’m back! I took some time off but will be covering the entirety of Season 12, and am looking forward to it! So far the format and judges have remained the same from last year, but now we have America’s Next Top Model‘s own Tyra Banks as our new host! I’m especially interested to see how she does.

I’ve decided to change up the format over here a bit. Looking over my posts from last season, I’m feeling like the audition ones were very awkward and disjointed, so this time I’m going to try liveblogging these episodes instead! So check back throughout the episode for updates!

I enjoyed the chicken act, but I feel like the novelty might wear off soon, and I definitely don’t see it advancing past the next round. I LOVED the comedian, though, and it would certainly be nice to see a contender from that world this year.

Oh great, a singer with an inspiring backstory. She seems like a nice girl, but I’d prefer the bulk of the vocalists stick to The Voice or the soon-to-be-revamped Idol. Okay, she’s pretty good…why are they stopping her? Glad they’re giving her another shot, and Tyra helping her “let her hair down” was cute. Aaaaand nailed it! No surprise. Based on this edit, I see her easily making the live shows.

Ooo, an escape artist! Haven’t seen one of those on the show in awhile! Nice to see Tyra playing along, but the judges don’t seem that into it. Four X’s…and a costume change? Okay, that part was actually pretty neat, and Simon and Mel retract their X’s into yes’s! Unfortunately, Howie and Heidi do not, meaning he’s out. Nice to see Tyra doing a good job with the “comforting” part of this show so far, both with this act and he montage of other rejects that is now following it.

A brother-sister Salsa duo! Much like with the singers, I’d prefer the dancers stick to the designated dance shows for the most part, especially now that we have two mainstream dance competition shows in So You Think You Can Dance and World of Dance (I also love Dancing With the Stars, but that’s an entirely different can of worms.)

These two are good, but again, I think this act would have been better suited for World of Dance. Then again, the routine we saw mostly consisted of spinning, so that might not have gone over as well over there. But of course they go through on here.

I wonder what this next guy is going to do? Oh, he’s our first magician of the season! Nice intro, with a very impressive trick to boot! (I’m with Mel B on my brain having to “catch up” in order to understand what was going on!) Unanimously through, and I bet he makes it to the live shows too!

Oh dear. A Trump impersonator? He’s pretty good, but I think I’m hoping he gets rejected. I don’t want to see politics mixed into this show, and when they did get brought up last season the response was naturally pretty divisive.

HE’S SINGING BRUNO MARS???? Okay, I might actually be on board with this now. He’s through, but I don’t see him making it to the live shows.

Next up is…a dance about a suicidal robot? Pretty neat, actually. This kid is actually a very good physical storyteller. I wonder if he sang the song as well? Either way, I’m glad he got through, since this was very creative and an example of a dance performance that probably wouldn’t suit SYTYCD or WOD.

And now we have a sad silent clown named Puddles. This guy is already reminding me of Tape Face from last season. Hmmm….

Oh, turns out he’s a singer! And a pretty good one at that! Glad he went in a different direction than I was expecting. Even Simon-who is known to be afraid of clowns-loves it, and he gets four yes’s!

Another escape act! Hopefully this goes over better than the one we saw earlier tonight. Apparently it has high stakes-like, life-threatening stakes. It’s one of those ones where it looks like he didn’t escape in time, but then turned into one of the people “saving” him from the danger. Great job from him, and of course he advances!

Okay, so it’s 9:52 pm, we’re talking about the “X” buzzers are, and we’ve seen in the “coming up” clips that Mel hits her Golden Buzzer tonight. This must be the lucky girl. And she’s a ventriloquist! A SINGING one at that! Much like Merrick (the robot dancing boy) I’m okay with this kind of vocalist act on this show, because it’s one that doesn’t belong on your typical televised signing competition.

And there’s the Golden Buzzer! Well deserved! Great example of the type of act this show was made for. The only downside is it means we won’t be seeing this adorable duo again for awhile, since the Golden Buzzer sends an act straight to the Quarterfinals in the live show round!

Thanks for dropping in here tonight, and if you’re sticking around for the World of Dance series premiere, head on over to our sister site Pure World of Dance to check out their liveblog!

May 30, 2017 I Written By

I'm obssessed with the entertainment industry, especially offbeat and nerdy things as well as those that involve live performance. The only thing I love more than geeking out over the things that entertain me is sharing in my excitement with others who share the same passions. America may have talent, but Canada has an up-and-coming blogger who is ready to take the internet by storm!

PureAGT Season 8 First Look – New Preview from NBC

Quick update – new video posted on the America’s Got Talent YouTube page, with more quick previews of the acts themselves:

I see a few ballroom couples, some breakdancers, some dogs doing tricks, another guy playing janitorial equipment as musical instruments (ugh), some gladiators (or Spartans…?) flexing their pecs, some more cloggers, a ventriloquist, some acrobats doing silhouettes, a magician or two, and some guy playing with a rattlesnake (probably the same one mentioned in the San Antonio audition post).  Looks like a good variety of acts! I also think Mel B’s antics and Heidi’s misinterpretations of the English language have the potential to inject some much-needed comedy into this season 🙂 Less than 24 hours till showtime!

June 3, 2013 I Written By

Ultrasound specialist by day, entertainment blogger by night - with some amateur dancer, hair & makeup enthusiast, crazy cat lady, recreational chef, and Donnie Wahlberg/Norman Reedus fangirl peppered in to make things interesting ;-) Check out some of my other work over at!

Terry Fator Prize Package – Can you say Free Puppet?

I just posted about my time at the Terry Fator grand opening at Mirage Las Vegas. My wife and I had a really great time going to the Mirage to see Terry Fator. At the end of the show as we were walking out, they handed us a gift bag. Check out this video where I show you what’s inside. Best part is that soon I’ll be giving everything inside away to some lucky Pure America’s Got Talent readers.

Enjoy the video (Disclaimer: I’m not a big video guy, but this deserved to be seen on video)

Excuse the low quality video. I didn’t want to pull out my video camera, so I just used my regular camera.

If you don’t want to wait to read Terry Fator’s biography, here’s a link to buy the book:
Who’s the Dummy Now?: Winner of America’s Got Talent

Watch for the Terry Fator biography and Winston giveaway coming soon. You can sign up for the Pure America’s Got Talent email and you’ll be notified of the contest in your email.

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Terry Fator Grand Opening at Mirage Las Vegas

The most successful act to have ever graced the America’s Got Talent stage is by far: Terry Fator. We’ve written a lot about Terry Fator and his success after winning America’s Got Talent. The most important of which was my post about Terry Fator headlining in Las Vegas, along with his new book and Terry Fator music on iTunes.

Tonight, Terry Fator opened his new show at the Mirage Las Vegas. I was lucky enough to be able to go to the show and see Terry’s grand opening in the new Terry Fator theatre. Man, was it something else. 2 hours of Terry Fator was more than I would have ever imagined.

A friend of mine that works for some other shows on the strip just couldn’t understand why Terry Fator, a ventriloquist, had an entire show on the strip. Now that I’ve seen a full Terry Fator show, I know exactly why he has a show. It was funny, it was entertaining and then you are astounded every few minutes as you’re reminded that this is a ventriloquist doing the impersonations and singing.

Ok, so I took a bunch of pictures. I didn’t think I’d be able to take pictures, so I took my small camera which isn’t very good quality. Turns out Terry Fator told us at the beginning of the show that there were “No Rules” and that the flash photography didn’t bother him so we could take as many pictures as we wanted. So, I did. I’ll first post a few pictures before and during the show and then at the bottom I’ll have a gallery of all the pictures of Terry Fator’s grand opening at the Mirage Las Vegas.

When we arrived at the mirage at every turn there was a big Terry Fator Grand Opening sign with a pretty girl standing next to the sign. Of course, I couldn’t resist a picture of a pretty girl, so here she is. I also told her I’d post her picture on my website, so now she’s famous (kind of).
Sign Girl for Terry Fator Grand Opening

This is a picture of the Terry Fator Gift shop. It looked really nice and had some cool stuff in it. Watch for a video of a free giveaway I’m going to do be doing that relates to what you can buy in the Terry Fator gift shop.
Terry Fator Theatre Gift Shop at Mirage Las Vegas

Once we got into the theatre, this was the stage with a DJ up on stage entertaining us while we waited. Good thing, because it started at least 15 minutes late.
Terry Fator Theatre Stage

This is a picture of the Terry Fator theatre. A little smaller than I expected, but still a really nice theatre with no seats very far from the action. Although, the middle is better than the side.
Terry Fator Theatre at Mirage Las Vegas

Terry Fator opens and closes his act with Winston the turtle. Winston is by far the best puppet Terry uses. He’s just so lovable.
Terry Fator and Winston The Turtle

This is Terry Fator’s very nice looking assistant from Honolulu, HI. It’s vegas, so there has to be some hot girl who has little to do with the show, right? Well, there she is for all to enjoy.
Terry Fator's Beautiful Assistant and Elvis Impersonator

The Commodores made a special guest appearance to sing a song for the grand opening of Terry Fator. They did a great performance that brought everyone to their feet. I think this was special for the Grand Opening. I wonder what other people will just drop in on Terry’s show. Would be cool to have some of the people he impersonates on the show.
Terry Fator with Commodores on Stage and Vicky the Cougar

The last one I’ll post here is Terry Fator saluting the audience after his grand opening at Mirage Las Vegas.
Terry Fator Saluting Audience at End of First Show at Mirage

I’ll leave the rest of the pictures in the gallery below and I’ll hit some interesting points about the show before the Terry Fator picture gallery.

The funniest moment of the whole show was when Terry Fator was impersonating Michael Jackson and accidentally did Michael Jackson’s voice for the puppet. Terry just put his head behind the puppet. Then, when he came up he was laughing so hard he kind of lost track of where he was. It wasn’t awkward or anything, it was just funny. Terry recovered well with a joke about his puppets voice being high and thinking he’d had a stroke. The whole moment was absolutely hilarious. Then, Terry even swapped voices again at the end of the set just to be funny. It was great.

A lot of other really really funny parts of the show. I’m not sure if Terry writes his scripts or someone else, but he has some funny material. Sometimes it seems like they added some gratuitous sex lines that weren’t needed, but overall it was a clean show that was funny and entertaining. The most amazing thing is the incredible range of his voice (or whatever you call making sound as a ventriloquist). He did so many styles, volumes and ranges that it is quite unbelievable to watch.

As expected Winston did steal the show. I think he should ask for his name to be added to the Marquee.

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Ventriloquist Terry Fator Singing What a Wonderful World on America’s Got Talent

America’s Got Talent: Terry Fator – Ventriloquist comedy act with impersonating Turtle Winston impersonation of Kermit the Frog singing Louis Armstrong – What a Wonderful World. This was a pretty impressive performance. I still think the King Kong ventriloquist will have to remain my favorite ventriloquist routine ever. However, this certainly was an entertaining performance.

Here are the lyrics from What a Wonderful World:
I see trees of green
Red roses too
I see them bloom
For me and you

And I think to myself
What a Wonderful World

The colors of the rainbows
So pretty in the sky
Are also on the faces
Of people going by

I see friends shaking hands
Saying – How do you do?
They’re only saying
I love you

And I think to myself
What a Wonderful World

Ohhhhh, yesss…

July 26, 2007 I Written By